The Society of Midwest Contesters

The Society of Midwest Contesters formed early in 1985 with the goal of uniting Midwest contesters into a competitive group and to further the idea of radiosporting in the Midwest. From 51 charter members in the summer of 1985, we’ve steadily grown to a membership of over 200 contesters, mainly in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. We launched our first major club effort in the 1985 November Sweepstakes, winning the Unlimited class. We repeated in the 1986 SS, and were on our way. We have claimed one or more club victories in ARRL contests every year since 1999, including a 3-peat as SS Unlimited champs in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

For the past several years SMC has increased participation in VHF/UHF contesting. Many of the best VHF operators in the nation are members of the SMC, and have won many national and division VHF titles over the years. Beginning in 2003, the club focused on increasing both the quantity and quality of VHF log entries submitted by SMC members. The effort culminated in the club winning the Unlimited Club Competition in the 2007 June VHF QSO Party. SMC is the only club to ever achieve the Unlimited category in the June contest, and may be the only club to have ever won Unlimited club titles in both HF and VHF contests.

  • NAQP Halftime Report

    This report is a result of the work of Tim, K9WX. He does all the information gathering and calculations. Thanks Tim!!
    The NCJ posted the preliminary results for the February NAQP RTTY contest and the standings for the NAQP Challenge have been updated.  Check out the NAQPC web site: http://k9wx.net/naqpc/current.htm
    Looks like SMC took first place for the RTTY contest, and NCCC took second place.  NCCC actually had a higher log score than SMC (1,268,901 vs. 1,231,760) but SMC’s higher participation count (67 to 54) propelled SMC into first place for this contest.
    So, it’s half time (three contests down and three to go) and PVRC leads the 2017 Challenge based on the new scoring methodology:
    PVRC: 265 (2 first place finishes and a third place)
    SMC: 250 (1 first place finish and 2 second place)
    NCCC: 205 (1 second place and 2 third place)
    As we head toward the second half, any of the three clubs could still win the 2017 Challenge.  Here are the dates of the summer NAQP contests.  Do you have them on your calendar?
    • July 15: NAQP RTTY
    • August 5: NAQP CW
    • August 19: NAQP SSB
  • Adventures of Two Young Hams

    3/1/2017 Adventures of Two Young Hams Quent Cassen (W6RI) and Clint Sprott (W9AV) By Clint, W9AV Story is here
  • The Case of the Inappropriate Impedance A WN9AVT Mystery

    2/28/2017 The Case of the Inappropriate Impedance A WN9AVT Mystery To Continue Reading….
  • ARLX001 Past ARRL Midwest Division Director Lew Gordon, K4VX (SK)

    2/27/2017 QST de W1AW Special Bulletin 1  ARLX001 From ARRL Headquarters Newington CT  February 27, 2017 To all radio amateurs SB SPCL ARL ARLX001 ARLX001 Past ARRL Midwest Division Director Lew Gordon, K4VX (SK) Past ARRL Midwest Division Director Lew Gordon, K4VX, of Hannibal, Missouri, died on February 25. He was 87. Although he had been suffering from cancer, Gordon had remained active on the air until his death. (more…)
  • A Contest, Me and DXCC

    2/27/2017 A Contest, Me and DXCC By Anthony, AB9YC The DXCC award is a testament to a radio amateur making confirmed contacts with 100 DX entities, and is a worthy accomplishment for any amateur. Achieving this award usually takes many months of air time, chasing QSL’s and applying for the award. The award usually gets a prominent position within the shack or operating location. To continue reading

    2/26/2017 MID CENTURY RADIO BY K9CC George Zurbuchen Since most of the members of SMC were not on the air (or alive) in the 1950’s I thought there may be some interest in hearing what ham radio was like back then. I received my novice license WN9UDK in 1952 and I was very active until I went away to UW Madison to finish my Chemical Engineering studies in 1958. To Continue Reading…..
  • WX9U…long time member SK

    2/2/2017 Phil, WX9U lost his battle with cancer on Thursday, February 2, 2017. SMC members remember Phil for his passion for contesting, CW and building antennas.  (more…)
  • NAQP Competition Rules

    12/24/2016 PVRC, NCCC and SMC have agreed on this new set of rules for our 2017 club competition. Tim, K9WX has updated his NAQP web pages will all the info  NAQP Challenge
  • Season’s Greetings from WRTC 2018

    12/21/2016 Hello Society of Midwest Contesters (SMC), the year 2016 comes to an end and its time to think about what happened the last 12 months.  With this review we want to thank you very much for your support of the WRTC 2018. Please click on this link to open the PDF WRTC2018 Looking Back and Forward
  • SMC Member list log parser

    11/24/2016 Thanks to Mike, KB9BIB who wrote this program. You can easily determine how many SMC members you have worked in a contest or any period of time from your log.  Here is a link to the program SMC Member list log parser