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VHF Articles

The following articles are available through the SMC Web-site, by clicking on the hyperlink. To include any past or current VHF related article of any SMC member, please submit a copy to w9gka@arrl.net,


"Jan 03 VHF SS Results", Black Hole, Sept 2003, p.8, Kevin Kaufhold, W9GKA.

"Summary of 2003 January VHF SS", NCJ, May/June, 2003, p.29, Kevin Kaufhold, W9GKA

"June 2001 Dxpedition to EN57 of KX9X & NM9H", Black Hole, Oct., 2001, p.7-8, Sean Kutzko, KX9X

"Propagation on Higher Frequencies", Black Hole, July 2000, p.3-5, George, K0FF


"Announcing the SMC VHF Web Page", Black Hole, 9-2003, Kevin Kaufhold, W9GKA


"Plumbing Parts as 7/8 Inch Hardline Connectors", Terrestrial VHF+, July 1992, Kevin Kaufhold, WB9GKA.


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