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Recent VHF Accomplishments of SMC Members

 Pete, K9PW, supplied the following picture. It is out of chronological sequence, being from one of his national records, circa late 1990's, but it's such a great picture, I wanted to include it in this Activities section of the VHF web-page.

K9PW Rover

 July, 2004 - An historic E-skip occurred over the Fourth of July weekend, with numerous operators from throughout the SMC area working into Europe on 6 Meters. Good conditions on 6 continued into Monday, July 5 and Tuesday, July 6. Towards the early evening of July 6, The Es extended to 2 meters and even 222. Dozens of grids in the North East were worked on 2 meters, and at least one station, K2DRH, made three contacts on 222 into the NE. The Es opening on the 6th is now being regarded as the most widespread skip on 222 ever known to have occurred, with stations through the East coast, mid-Atlantic states, part of the South, and throughout much of the Midwest working each other for between 1 to 2 hours.

 June, 2004 - Over 23 SMC members participated in the June VHF QSO Party, with huge scores coming from several entrants, including K9NS, K2DRH, WB9Z, N2BJ, and WO9S. Support came from at least three rovers, K9ILT, K0PG, and K9IJ, and numerous individual SO's, Multi-limited's, and QRP stations.

 January, 2004 - A strong showing of support from 21 SMC members in the January VHF SS propelled the club to a 5th place finish in the medium club category. Two participants, Bob, K2DRH, and Barry, N2BJ set Central Division records in their respective classes, and Bob won the National Title for SOLP, as well. SMC members held Central Division leader positions in all six categories, and two Section Leader spots in Indiana.

 Fall, 2003 --- a huge solar flare hit the earth on October 28 and 29, 2003, and later in November as well, and all three flares generated intense aurora activity.  Several  SMC members worked the aurora events on 6 & 2, and even worked into Hawaii and other DX lands on 6 meters E-skip.  

 September, 2003 --- Several SMC members ran in the September VHF QSO Party, despite poor weather, no aurora activity, and dismal 6 meter and upper band conditions.  Leading scores for the Central Division were made by SMC members in the Multi-U, SOLP, SOHP, and QRP Portable categories. 

 July, 2003 --- Pat Sullivan, K9ILT, placed 2nd in the nation in the rover class in the 2003 CQ WW VHF Contest. 

 July, 2003 --- Long-time HF contester Chuck Schneebeli, KI9A, worked over 170 grids on 6 meters in his first 6 meter summer E-skip season.  Chuck used a G5RV tuned for 6 meters for many of his contacts!

 June, 2003 --- 24 SMC members participated in the June VHF QSO party, producing over 1.9 million points, and finishing 2nd in the medium club competition. Bob, K2DRH, won another national title in the SOLP, and Multi-Limited station K9NS also won 1st place national honors (as well as setting a division record).  Several other SMC members finished at or near the top of their classes in the Central Division.

 January, 2003 --- Three Central Division records were set by SMC members in the January VHF Sweepstakes, and Bob, K2DRH, won the national title in SOLP for the third year in a row.


 Pat and Tim Sullivan, K0PG and K9ILT, on their June rover journey.


                      The impressive antenna array of Bob, K2DRH.  No wonder he wins national titles in the SOLP!

 January, 2003 --- The SMC finished 5th in the medium club category, and several SMC Members operating in the January VHF SS put in award winning scores.  Three members broke Central Division Records, and several more placed at or near the top national spots.  Bob Striegl, K2DRH, won the national title in the SOLP for the third consecutive year, setting a division record for good measure. Kevin Kaufhold, W9GKA, set a division record in the QRP Portable category and placed 2nd in the nation.  Mark Thomas, N9UM, and John Rice, K9IJ, set a rover division record and placed 4th nationally among the rovers.  Phil Hejtmanek, KF9US, finished 7th in the nation as a rover.  Jerry Rosalius, WB9Z, placed 8th nationally in the SOHP. 


   Mark, N9UM, and John, K9IJ set a Central Division Record in the 2003 January VHF SS with this small rover set-up.



Phil. KF9US, and Wendel, N9REP, out and about in their rover mobile in the January VHF SS.   Look at all the PVC!

 (Editorís note:  the above pictures have been taken from the ARRL web-site, and are located in the soapbox sections of each contest results).

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