The Society of Midwest Contesters
The Society of Midwest Contesters

2018 SMC Fest Hyatt contract signed

March 28, 2018

Ralph, K9ZO, Bill, K3WA and Craig, K9CT met with the Hyatt Regency staff and agreed on this year’s plans for SMC Fest August 25th. 

We will have all day water, coffee and soft drinks. Lunch will be buffet style and will be 

Appetizers: Cheese Cube platter and Fruit Tray

Entrees: Roast Beef au Jus and chicken Breast

Sides: Oven Roasted Red Potatoes, Green Beans and Seven Layer Salad

Dessert: Brownie Tray

Cost of the SMC Fest will be the same as last year $35 per person

Registration will be setup soon.