The Society of Midwest Contesters
The Society of Midwest Contesters

Championship Medals Award Program

The SMC Championship Medals Award Program is an annual medals-based award system with Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals.  There are also multi-year awards.  The award is open to all SMC members.  The program awards points based on the number of contacts made in eligible contests earned towards the medals.

Time Period

The SMC Championship Medals Program ‘Contest Year’ Runs from July 1 until June 30 of the following year.


Points are awarded for each contest as follows:

  • HF Contests.  Includes mobile operations
    • 1 Point:  200 or more QSO’s in any eligible HF contest
    • 2 Points:  500 or more QSO’s in any eligible HF contest
  • VHF Contests.  Includes mobile and rover operations
    • 1 Point:  100 or more QSO’s in any eligible VHF contest
    • 2 Points:  250 or more QSO’s in any eligible VHF contest

Medal Awards

At the conclusion of the contest year, medals will be awarded based on the total points accumulated by the member.  The award consists of a physical medal and an emailed PDF certificate.  Physical medals will be awarded to individual winners at the SMC Fest.  For those not attending the SMC Fest, a medal will be mailed to them if requested by the medal winner.

  • 10 points: Bronze Medal
  • 15 points: Silver Medal
  • 20 points: Gold Medal

Eligible Contests

Eligible contests for the SMC Championship Medals Program mirror that of the Lifetime Achievement Award, as outlined in the annual eligible contests.  Eligible contests are *:

  • NAQP – CW, Phone, RTTY
  • ARRL 10 Meter
  • ARRL 160 Meter
  • ARRL International Digital
  • ARRL International DX (CW & SSB)
  • ARRL RTTY Roundup
  • ARRL Sweepstakes (CW & SSB)
  • ARRL VHF Contests (January, June, September)
  • CQ 160 Meter (CW & SSB)
  • IL QSO Party
  • IN QSO Party
  • WI QSO Party
  • World Wide Digi DX

* Why is my state’s QSO party not listed?

To earn points for an eligible contest, members must post their score on 3830.com for the eligible contest


To earn points for an eligible contest, members must also submit their scores to the contest sponsor listing the SMC as their club with the following exceptions:

  1. The NAQP does not have a club competition, rather has ‘team’ competitions.  Members do not have to be a member of an SMC team but are encouraged to join one.
  2. SMC member entries that cannot claim SMC as their affiliated club because they are outside the ARRL or CQ eligibility circles may contribute their score to other clubs and still get Championship Medal points.
  3. SMC member entries to the Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin QSO parties count toward SMC Championship Medal points regardless of the club entry used.  Members are encouraged to use state QSO Parties as a contesting recruitment opportunity for their local club, and members are encouraged to submit their scores for their local club in lieu of the SMC for the Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin QSO Parties.

Members participating in multi-op efforts will be eligible to earn points.  The number of Championship Medal points will be awarded as the final QSO total divided by the number of operators, as applied to the HF and VHF points scales of the SMC Championship Medal program.  The operator claiming their share of the QSO credits must be an SMC member.  Members participating in multi-operator operations wishing to claim multiop points must notify the awards manager of their desire to claim these points after the claimed score is posted on 3830.com

Single-op guest operator or remote operator points will be awarded to the operator

Multi-Year Awards

There are two (2) multi-year awards.  To earn these awards, the operator must be a member of the SMC in good standing for all years when medals are earned:

The Gold-Silver-Bronze award:  Win a (minimum) Gold, Silver and Bronze medal in individual years.  This takes a minimum of three (3) years to achieve.  There is no time limit to achieve the award; does not have be consecutive years.  The medals can be earned in any order.  This award will also be awarded for any medal earned higher than a needed medal to complete the Gold-Silver-Bronze series: (for example, gold-gold-gold, gold-gold-silver, gold-gold-bronze or gold-silver-silver also earns this award)

5-year SMC Champion Medal Winner:  Achieve medals in 5 years.  There is no time limit; does not have to be consecutive years.  Any medal in any year counts (bronze, silver, gold).  Takes a minimum of five (5) years to achieve.

More Information

If you have questions, please check the FAQs to see if your question has already been addressed.

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