The Society of Midwest Contesters
The Society of Midwest Contesters

NA Collegiate Championship

2019 NA Collegiate Championship

This is an opportunity for your College Club station to compete with any college and university in North America. You can take on your state or conference rivals. With planning and practice, it is possible to win a national championship.  2018 we had one contest, the NAQP Phone.  New for 2019, we add the  NAQP RTTY contest! 

Why should your school compete? Almost any school can put together a station and team to compete. It is a level playing field contest. These contests already exist and you will have many stations to contact. You can challenge your school’s rival or anyone in your school conference and compete real time on a real time online scoreboard. 

Live Scoreboard

 is now a principal sponsor of the awards for NAQP. NCJ, National Contest Journal and SMC, Society of Midwest Contesters are sponsors. 


  • NAQP Phone January 19, 2019 1800Z to January 20, 0600Z
  • NAQP RTTY February 23, 2019 1800Z to February 24 0600Z

The format is generally the same as the NAQP rules. However, there will be some differences.

Here are the NAQP Rules

W9JWC, Bradley University plans on competing. This is Calvin, KE0DIT operating. 

2019 Registered Teams:

  1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, W2SZ
  2. Georgia Tech Amateur Radio Club, W4AQL
  3. Bradley University, W9JWC
  4. Michigan State University, W8SH
  5. Milwaukee School of Engineering, W9HHX
  6. Purdue University, W9YB
  7. University of Michigan, W8UM
  8. California Polytechnic State University, W6BHZ
  9. Utah State University, N7GAS
  10. Vanderbilt University, AA4VU
  11. Texas A&M University Amateur Radio Club, W5AC
  12. University of Wisconsin, W9YT
  13. Indiana University, K9IU
  14. Louisiana State University, K5LSU
  15. Ohio State University, W8LT
  16. University of California,Berkley  NU6XB
  17. Case Western Reserve University, W8EDU
  18. West Point Amateur Radio Club, W2KGY

Are you going to participate in 2019? Let us know EMAIL

College and University Club Stations    Update or Add to this list

The above data has been collected and shared by Sean Barnes, N3JQ. 

College competition rules:

We will use a Live Online Scoreboard for the college competition. You will be able to watch all or some of the other colleges as you choose. You are encouraged to contact other colleges to challenge them….maybe your own school conference or other state schools. 

It is required that you use the Online Scoreboard for this contest. You must register your college and call.  Then you will be sent instructions on how to setup.  You will insert a link into your contest logging software such as N1MM Plus or  Writelog and activate. Here are the instructions for setup in the logging software to report your scores…. INSTRUCTIONS

College stations will use their college club call and the station must be located on the college’s physical campus. Stations can be simple as there is a 100 watt contest limit. Antennas can be simple to elaborate. Many stations operate this contest with only dipoles and are very successful.

All operators must be enrolled students who are members of the college club. It is important to keep the playing field level…no operating from off campus contest stations and no operating by experienced contesters that are not students and members of the club.

Your  exchange name can be anything associated with the school…mascot, nickname, founder, Bob, etc. but it must be the same name throughout the contest.

The College Contest Class will be multi operator single radio, M/1. You may use assistance similar to the M/2 class and will submit your official log for adjudication.  You  will submit your log in the M/2 class and your call will be matched to the Online Scoreboard listing. The colleges stations will be published in NCJ, National Contest Journal as their own class. Awards will be based on the adjudicated logs and not the online finish. You can operate the entire 12 hours in the contest. 

Each club is encouraged to contact a contester in your area for help in preparing for this contest. There are many contest clubs that would be glad to help as well. The contest clubs are aware of this competition and may extend assistance to you

Awards will be given out for

National Champion


State Champions

We may also offer awards for Conference Champions if enough schools from a conference participate.

Awards will be sponsored by SMC  NCJ and ICOM.

Questions regarding the NACC should be sent to craig @ k9ct.us Society of Midwest Contesters is the principal sponsor of this contest within a contest. The NAQP is sponsored by NCJ and ICOM. The manager of the SSB contest is Bill, AC0W and the manager of the RTTY contest is Mark, K6UFO