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The Society of Midwest Contesters

Championship Medals Leader Board Rules

The Championship Medals Leader Boards are run in conjunction with but separate from the Championship Medals Award Program.  The Leader Boards will track the progress of SMC members toward medal eligibility in three (3) separate categories based on station capability.  The Leaderboards track Championship Medals Program points (not total QSO’s).

Leader Board Categories

The Championship Medals award administrator will maintain ‘Leader Boards’ for three (3) categories of stations.  The leader board will be published periodically during the contest season on the SMC website.  At the conclusion of the contest year, the final Leader Boards will be published.  Leader Board categories are:

  • Unlimited Antennas
  • Tribander/Wires: This consists of a single tribander combined with single element wires/verticals.  No limits on antennas 50 MHz and up.  Formally defined as “During the contest an entrant shall use only one (1) tribander (any type, with a single feed line from the transmitter to the antenna) for 10, 15, and 20 meters; and single-element antennas on 40, 80, and 160 meters.”  Single element antennas include rotatable dipoles.
  • Wire/Vertical Antennas:  Defined as wires/verticals only, no directional antennas.  No limits on antennas 50 MHz and up.  This category is intended for HOA and similar situations to give operators in restricted circumstances to participate in a Leader Board.  Rotatable dipoles are eligible for this category and not considered directional antennas.  Small magnetic loop transmit antennas are eligible for this category.

Leader Board Category Declaration

SMC members need to declare their Leader Board category by October 1 if the member is in the Tribander/Wires or Wires/Vertical Antennas category:

  • An SMC member must declare their category if it is Tribander/Wires or Wires/Verticals, otherwise the participant defaults to the ‘Unlimited Antennas’ Category.  A member wishing to enter in the Tribander/Wires or Wires/Vertical Category must do so with the program administrator by October 1 of the eligible contest year.
  • If a member upgrades their antennas during the eligible contest year and participates in an eligible contest prior to the end of the contest year, the member must inform the award administrator and choose to either:
    • Move into the next higher Leader Board category for the entire contest year
    • Choose to exclude any contests with the upgraded antennas from their declared Leader Board category for the contest year. 
      • Note that all points earned still count toward the annual medals regardless of Leader Board category.
  • Once a member declares a Leader Board Category for a contest season, the member remains in that Leader Board Category for the season and may not move to a category with more restrictive antennas.
  • Members who operate a significant number of contests as either a single-op guest operator or remote operator should declare their Leaderboard category to match that of the station operated.

Multi-operator consideration for leader board categories:  Participating in a multi-operator operation (as defined by the multi-operator rules under ‘Eligible Contests’) still counts for a declared leader-board category.  For example, if WT2P had declared Wire/Vertical Antennas as his Leader Board category and then participates in a multi-operator operation at K9CT, he remains on the Wire/Vertical Antennas Leader Board and points earned from the multi-operator operation count toward his entry in the Wire/Vertical Antennas Leader Board category

Leader Boards Awards

The Top-10 of each Leader Board category will be recognized at the SMC Fest and also receive an emailed PDF certificate.

The current leader boards can be viewed on the Leader Boards page.

More Information

If you have questions, please check the FAQs to see if your question has already been addressed.

Download a copy of these rules.