The Society of Midwest Contesters
The Society of Midwest Contesters

2024 LAA/Medals calendar posted

The calendar for 2024 contests counting toward the LAA and Medals programs has been posted. If you just need to see it, you can just click the image on the side bar. The downloadable PDF version is available on the LAA page.

SMC well represented at Dayton Contest Dinner 2022

SMC filled up two tables with reservations, and also had other members that had seats elsewhere. Here are a couple of pictures of our two tables.

SMC table attendees (not in table order):
Dave W9QL
Dean KC9EOQ & Guest
Mike W9MR
Jay W9TC
Jim AG9S
Scott NE9U
Don K9NR
Stephen W9DX
Brian W9HLQ
Chad N9UNX
Justin KD9LPD
Eric K9GY
Doug ND9R

Zig KM9M Recognition

As the SMC board met at the end of the year, it was decided to recognize Zig, KM9M, for his years of service to the club as its membership secretary. The plaque shown below was made and mailed to Zig, as a thank you from the club.

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