The Society of Midwest Contesters
The Society of Midwest Contesters

Craig Thompson

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2017 SMC Agenda Announced….


We are pleased to announce this year’s lineup for SMC Fest. We have some great speakers that will help you contest more effectively. 

8:00 8:30 On Site Registration  
8:30 8:45 Opening remarks and recognition K9CT
8:45 9:30 Planning and building of the K0KB Station K0KB
9:30 10:00 Group picture and Break  
10:00 11:00 K3LR Station Tour K3LR
11:00 12:00 VHF Contesting 101: Station, Operation and Digital Modes K2DRH
12:00 13:00 Lunch with the ARRL W9XA, K9LA and AD9I
13:00 14:00 RTTY Contesting: Small Steps for Big Success K9WX
14:00 14:30 Propagation and antennas for this fall’s contest season K9LA
14:30 15:15 Operating techniques….forum format K9ZO,  K9NR & W9XT
15:15 15:45 Break  
15:45 16:45 Remote Contesting: Getting Started and Avoiding Mistakes WT2P
16:45 17:30 RX Antennas for Contesting WB9Z
17:30   Final Comments and Adjourn K9CT


2017 SMC Fest


SMC is announcing the 2017 SMC Fest August 26th. Please go to the SMC Fest page and register and reserve a room at the Hyatt Place.  

2017 SMC Fest

NAQP Halftime Report


This report is a result of the work of Tim, K9WX. He does all the information gathering and calculations. Thanks Tim!!
The NCJ posted the preliminary results for the February NAQP RTTY contest and the standings for the NAQP Challenge have been updated.  Check out the NAQPC web site: http://k9wx.net/naqpc/current.htm

Looks like SMC took first place for the RTTY contest, and NCCC took second place.  NCCC actually had a higher log score than SMC (1,268,901 vs. 1,231,760) but SMC’s higher participation count (67 to 54) propelled SMC into first place for this contest.

So, it’s half time (three contests down and three to go) and PVRC leads the 2017 Challenge based on the new scoring methodology:

PVRC: 265 (2 first place finishes and a third place)
SMC: 250 (1 first place finish and 2 second place)
NCCC: 205 (1 second place and 2 third place)

As we head toward the second half, any of the three clubs could still win the 2017 Challenge.  Here are the dates of the summer NAQP contests.  Do you have them on your calendar?

  • July 15: NAQP RTTY
  • August 5: NAQP CW
  • August 19: NAQP SSB
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