The Society of Midwest Contesters

The Society of Midwest Contesters formed early in 1985 with the goal of uniting Midwest contesters into a competitive group and to further the idea of radiosporting in the Midwest. From 51 charter members in the summer of 1985, we’ve steadily grown to a membership of over 200 contesters, mainly in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. We launched our first major club effort in the 1985 November Sweepstakes, winning the Unlimited class. We repeated in the 1986 SS, and were on our way. We have claimed one or more club victories in ARRL contests every year since 1999, including a 3-peat as SS Unlimited champs in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

For the past several years SMC has increased participation in VHF/UHF contesting. Many of the best VHF operators in the nation are members of the SMC, and have won many national and division VHF titles over the years. Beginning in 2003, the club focused on increasing both the quantity and quality of VHF log entries submitted by SMC members. The effort culminated in the club winning the Unlimited Club Competition in the 2007 June VHF QSO Party. SMC is the only club to ever achieve the Unlimited category in the June contest, and may be the only club to have ever won Unlimited club titles in both HF and VHF contests.

  • Registration is open for 2018 SMC Fest!

    4/3/2018 We are pleased to announce that the registration is now open for SMC Fest 2018 Registration information is here. We have some very good speakers and topics lined up for this year’s event. Please register soon as the room block will fill up fast. Many will arrive the night before to visit.  
  • 2018 SMC Fest Hyatt contract signed

    March 28, 2018 Ralph, K9ZO, Bill, K3WA and Craig, K9CT met with the Hyatt Regency staff and agreed on this year’s plans for SMC Fest August 25th.  We will have all day water, coffee and soft drinks. Lunch will be buffet style and will be  Appetizers: Cheese Cube platter and Fruit Tray Entrees: Roast Beef au Jus and chicken Breast Sides: Oven Roasted Red Potatoes, Green Beans and Seven Layer Salad Dessert: Brownie Tray Cost of the SMC Fest will be the same as last year $35 per person Registration will be setup soon. 
  • WRTC 2018 – SMC Sponsors third tent

    10/3/2017 Our successful IC7300 Radio raffle proceeds were sent to WRTC 2018. This is our third tent that SMC has sponsored.  Congratulations to SMC members N4TZ and N9RV being chosen as WRTC competitors.  SMC Acknowledgement
  • NA Collegiate Championship

    9/25/2017 SMC announces the sponsorship of the NA Collegiate Championship. We want out members to contact their college or university and help them get on the air for this. We also want other contest clubs to do the same. The goal is to get young people involved in contesting. Invite the prospective operators to your station in a contest and help them get on the air.  Here are the details… NACC  
  • SMC Wins NAQP Challenge!

    9/10/2017 For the second time, SMC wins the NAQP Challenge. Thanks to all of the SMC members for making this happen. We set a record for participation in August NAQP SSB. You should be very proud.  We should also thank all of the volunteers that rallied the members and pushed us to get on to operate. Anthony, AB9YC; CJ, WT2P; Tim, K9WX; Ryan, KB9OWD and Pat, WW9R should be noted for their individual efforts.  Here are the results
  • WRTC 2018 Sponsorship Raffle for IC-7300

    Right before I left for SMCfest I sent out an update saying we still had a long way to go, 90 tickets, to meet our goal.  Well, we did it!  We sold 97 tickets by the end of day.  However, we decided not to do the drawing at SMCfest. We will draw the winner at W9DXCC, September 15th-16th.  We will ship the radio to the winner so you have it before the contest season starts. We will continue to sell tickets if someone still wants a chance to win and support WRTC 2018.  The cutoff for ticket sales will be September 9th. Thanks to everyone for making it possible for SMC to be one of the largest US Club supporters of WRTC 2018. Brian, K9QQ
  • Medici Dinner Menu for SMC Fest

    8/21/2017 A special SMC Dinner Menu has been created for SMC Fest Friday night social event. Medici Dinner Menu
  • IC7300 Setup – WT2P

    7/14/2017 CJ has created an IC7300 setup page for anyone to use.  IC7300 Setup – WT2P
  • 2017 SMC Agenda Announced….

    7/7/2017 We are pleased to announce this year’s lineup for SMC Fest. We have some great speakers that will help you contest more effectively. 
    8:00 8:30 On Site Registration  
    8:30 8:45 Opening remarks and recognition K9CT
    8:45 9:30 Planning and building of the K0KB Station K0KB
    9:30 10:00 Group picture and Break  
    10:00 11:00 K3LR Station Tour K3LR
    11:00 12:00 VHF Contesting 101: Station, Operation and Digital Modes K2DRH
    12:00 13:00 Lunch with the ARRL W9XA, K9LA and AD9I
    13:00 14:00 RTTY Contesting: Small Steps for Big Success K9WX
    14:00 14:30 Propagation and antennas for this fall’s contest season K9LA
    14:30 15:15 Operating techniques….forum format K9ZO,  K9NR & W9XT
    15:15 15:45 Break  
    15:45 16:45 Remote Contesting: Getting Started and Avoiding Mistakes WT2P
    16:45 17:30 RX Antennas for Contesting WB9Z
    17:30   Final Comments and Adjourn K9CT