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The Society of Midwest Contesters

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General Information

When posting stuff on the reflector, please try to keep your posts related to contesting, radio, or the SMC. Keep in mind that there are close to 250 people on the reflector. It’s not an easy job to try and keep everyone happy…. but one way to start is to try and keep the nature of the SMC posts consistent.  No need to post politics, religion, jokes or controversial subjects on this reflector. This is a ham radio contesting group.

When posting a general question that needs a response, please put something in your post like “reply direct, I’ll post a summary if there’s enough interest” or something like that. And when replying to emails from the reflector, please try to reply direct to the sender instead of clicking “reply to all.” There are obviously exceptions…. try to use your best discresion.

Joining the list

The SMC Mailing List is only for current SMC Members. To begin receiving messages from SMC, you will need to go here

http://mail.w9smc.com/mailman/listinfo/smc_w9smc.com and subscribe yourself.

Be sure to subscribe yourself from the address with which you send your emails from or you won’t be able to post anything to the reflector. Your subscription request will need to be approved before you will start receiving SMC email.

Sending mail to the list

To send a message to all smc list members, use a message with the following form:

From: Joe Ham <joeham@lid.net>
To: smc@w9smc.com
Subject: Dayton

So, who’s going to Dayton?

Leaving the list

To stop receiving messages from SMC you will need to go here


Requesting digests

Instead of getting each message from the list seperately, you may ask the list server to send you a compendium of all the messages that were sent that day. To do this, contact go here http://mail.w9smc.com/mailman/listinfo/smc_w9smc.com

The list manager will send you a confirmation message back and every 24-hours you will receive a single email message with a contents and each message listed in it.