The Society of Midwest Contesters
The Society of Midwest Contesters

NAQP Challenge Update

The NCJ has published the preliminary results for the February NAQP RTTY contest, and the NAQP Challenge website has been updated to reflect this new data.  See http://k9wx.net/naqpc/current.htm  Also available for download on this page is a PDF file that shows the points each club member contributed through the three contests that have run so far this year.  Club members should contact Tim K9WX at TimK9WX@gmail.com with any corrections.

SMC had the best turnout of the three club (NCCC, PVRC, SMC) for the February RTTY contest, with the most participants and the most points.  SMC was thus able to close the gap PVRC had created by virtue of its strong turnout for the CW and SSB NAQP’s, but PVRC still has a sizeable lead.

The second round of NAQP contests starts on July 16 with the RTTY contest, followed by the CW and SSB contests on August 6 and August 20.