The Society of Midwest Contesters
The Society of Midwest Contesters

SMC Dayton Hamvention Plans

4/20/2015 SMC members have plenty of opportunities to meet.

K9PG has his Annual Dayton Hooters Party on Thursday May 14th

Later that night, SMC will co-sponsor the Contest Super Suite QSL Wing & Pizza Party about 10 PM. Please show up with your SMC Badges. I plan on putting the SMC Banner on the Super Suite wall.

Saturday night 10 PM after the Contest Dinner is adjourned, SMC will have a member reception in a private room on that same floor as the dinner and Super Suite.  We can meet and greet for a few minutes….let’s all try to show up with our SMC Badges!! More on this later when we get the room number.

N5AW SMC Sponsored Plaques

4/6/2015 Marv, N5AW received his SMC sponsored plaque recently. He thanks SMC for sponsoring this award and sent along a photo of the four plaques that he has won.

N5AW Plaques sponsored by SMC

NAQP Club Challenge

4/2/2015 SMC Takes an early lead

Points Participants Total Score Points Participants Total Score Points Participants Total Score
January CW 3,653,508 59 215,556,972 4,583,493 69 316,261,017 4,582,876 67 307,052,692
January SSB 2,790,613 69 192,552,297 3,192,372 81 258,582,132 2,144,679 60 128,680,740
February RTTY 1,325,677 37 49,050,049 1,704,755 60 102,285,300 774,556 38 29,433,128
August CW
August SSB
Grand Total 7,769,798 165 457,159,318 9,480,620 210 677,128,449 7,502,111 165 465,166,560