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Final Results for SMC Sweepstakes Sweepstakes: Team MidSouth Takes First Place

SMC Team MidSouth had a modest lead in the 2015 SMC Sweepstakes Sweepstakes after SS CW was in the log.  They cemented their overall first place finish with a strong first place finish in SS SSB, an impressive coast to coast victory.

As was the case last year, Sweepstakes Sweepstakes is not necessarily about big scores.  Team Northwest had the same number of 100,000 plus point logs for CW and SSB as MidSouth, and Northwest also had the highest average scores across both contests.

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CQWW SSB and Sweeptakes Records Updated

October 23, 2015  –  Just in time for CQWW Phone and Sweepstakes contests, the SMC Area Records (always available in the Operating menu) have been updated with the latest results.  Check them out and see what records you’d like to go after.  Several records are prime to be set, as there’s never been any entrants, such as many of the Single-Op-Assisted Low Power and QRP single band entries, especially on the low bands.

Have a look:
CQWW DX Phone Records
Sweepstakes CW Records
Sweepstakes Phone Records

More SMC Fest Pictures – K9QQ

9/9/2015 Pictures courtesy of Brian, K9QQ

SMC Fest Pictures

9/7/2015 SMC Fest Pictures

These are pictures taken by K9CT and K9ZO…please send your photos to me and I will add them to our website.  craig @ k9ct.us


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