The Society of Midwest Contesters

SMC Member file available

Anthony, AB9YC created a member file that can be used with your contesting software. If you are running N1MM+, you can select this file and the regular history file for your contest and they will combine. You can export a new history file and they will be combined and used later.

Once the contest starts and any SMC member calls you, SMC Member will show on the screen and show their name and state.

Link to file…  SMC Member File

I will also add this to the Resources tab. It will be updated from time to time. We also may add other useful files.


SMC SS SS Results – Certificates sent to winners….

W9SMC  SMC Team MidCentral found itself in Third Place at the end of CW Sweepstakes, but strong participation in SSB Sweepstakes vaulted them to a First Place overall finish in the first ever SMC Sweepstakes Sweepstakes, according to the preliminary results released today, with the East team taking second place.

The Sweepstakes Sweepstakes is not necessarily about big scores: the East team had the highest average score per log for SS CW and the Northwest team (who led the competition after SS CW) had the highest average score per log for SS SSB along with the highest individual score.  And, the East team had the most logs from both contests with scores of 100,000 points or more.

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2014 NAQP Intra-Club Competition

SMC takes a big step forward!

PVRC: 1,374,342,967
SMC:   1,097,876,133
NCCC: 1,070,524,319

Halftime Score:
PVRC: 857,723,502 points
NCCC: 724,265,230 points
SMC: 637,072,294 points

It has been noted that SMC has the highest club member participation. We came from behind and moved to second place in the summer competition. Notice we still had the lowest point scores but won with member participation.

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